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Fairtrade towns

Fairtrade Towns is an initiative, which aimed to promote Fairtrade goods in towns (but also in churches, schools, universities, villages). It´s a status awarded by a recognized Fairtrade national initiative or marketing organisation (the Fairtrade Foundation in the United Kingdom, Fairtrade CZSK) describing an area which is committed to the promotion of Fairtrade goods.

The Fairtrade Town campaign was first launched in 2001 in Garstang in Great Britain under the initiative of Bruce Crowther. After six years more than 200 british towns were awarded of FTT status and now there are more than 800 FTT worlwide including towns in West Europe, Brazil, Australia, Canada and the United States.  cities like Dortmund, Barcelona.

The city can get this award the status of Fairtrade town after meeting five criterias:

  • there is a local steering group,
  • support of the local council – passing a resolution supporting fairtrade and using fairtrade products at its meetings, in its offices and canteens. ,
  • there must be FT products available in the area´s shops and local cafes (in a city of 100 000 citizens its 21 and 11).,
  • there support of other local organisations (churches, schools), where FT products are used and events are organised
  • media are attracted for the theme.


We think that Fairtrade town campaing is an atractive and simple way how to introduce social (Fair Trade) considerations in public procurement. The initiative will help to raise the awareness of Fairtrade Mark and the sales of fairtrade products in czech towns.

We feel it´s a great marketing tool for the public authorities, it should be supported as a part of the Local Agenda 21.

The Fairtrade towns campaign in the Czech republic has been launched in january 2011 with a press conference in Prague. Cities Litoměřice and Vsetín are the first Fairtrade towns in the Czech republic.


In 2018 there where 14 towns and 38 schools involved in the Czech Republic. In 2018 Fairtrade Czech republic and Slovakia have commissioned an external evaluation of the campaign looking at the needs of current Fairtrade Towns and schools. You can find key findings, conclusions and recommendations from the evaluation here